Engineering Consultancy Services

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Engineering Consultancy Services

Chemical & Industrial Plant

In the chemicals and general plant construction sector centre TRIPLAN has brought together specialists with wide-ranging expertise in traditional engineering and plant construction – from development via basic and detailed engineering .....

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Life Science

In the life science sector centre TRIPLAN bundles its expertise in the design and development of production and formulation plants for the food, pharmaceutical, galenics, specialities or fine chemicals and biotechnology divisions.....

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Refinery & Petrochemicals

As a result of many years of intensive cooperation with the market and technology leaders in the sector, the specialists at the refinery & petrochemicals sector centre are distinguished by excellent international....

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Five decades of experience

Our Longstanding engineering know-how, cutting edge software applications and sound consultancy services allow us to optimise our customer's production and business processes.

TRIPLAN offers high-tech engineering services for constructing complex producting, plants all over the world-with in-depth expertise in the chemical, refinery & petrochemical, pharmaceutical & biotechnological and discrete manufacturing.....

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Your Global Engineering Partner

TRIPLAN has been supporting its clients in Germany for their investments in other parts of World, successfully demonstrating the work share model ....

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Environment Friendly
Delayed Cocker

An Environment-Friendly and Safe Coke Handling Process for state-of-the-art enhancement of existing and new Delayed Coking Units ....

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Digital Factory

We make TRICAD MS! The leading CAD software for building technology, digital factory planning, system planning and traffic planning ....

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Satisfied Clients

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News And Events

TRIPLAN India Pvt. Ltd. is expanding in Pune in order to meet the growing demands of the market. Since the foundation in 2014 we have grown and established ourselves on the Indian market .... Read More
The company is also introducing its patented Closed Coke Slurry System (CCSS) technology, which it will offer to Indian refineries. "This is in line with our strategy to offer technology ....Read More
Germany's engineering consulting firm TRIPLAN is setting up its shop in India to offer its engineering services to Indian customers mostly to sectors like automobile, chemical, refining ....Read More
TRIPLAN, a leading German engineering and technology firm listed on Frankfurt stock exchange, has set up a design engineering centre in India to tap business from the chemical, refining ....Read More
"TRIPLAN participated in ENVIRO 2016 conference recently concluded in New Delhi. This conference addressed the challenges faced by Hydrocarbon industry in the field of Effluents & Emissions Management.....Read More