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Engineering Services

Chemicals & Industrial Plants

● In the chemicals and Industrial plant sector TRIPLAN has brought together specialists with wide-ranging expertise in plant engineering and construction – Right from the development phase of feasibility, basic and detailed engineering to commissioning phases.

● This applies to the general design of complex plants, the integration of new plants in existing buildings, capacity expansion and adjustments, de bottlenecking, supply and disposal networks, environmental compliance projects, shutdown planning and management and maintenance engineering.

● We get associated with our clients right at the beginning of concept stage. This helps in determining the important parameters in the definition of the project. At this stage we are also able to find the potential for optimization, assessment of cost and time schedules.

● We use modern tools like the Chemcad process simulation program for calculating and designing processes and process stages. For P&ID & plant lay out, we are independent of any specific tools. We do however use our own TRICAD system across divisions. This tool has all disciplines integrated in one database right from P&ID, plant layout, piping, Electrical, Instrumentation, Building Utilities/HVAC and so on. This also well integrates with other third party tools for civil structural designs. All data can be centrally administered by our own data management system

Our Offerings in Chemical & Industrial Plant

● Feasibility Studies ● Conceptual Design ● Authority Engineering / Engineering for local Statutory approvals ● Safety analyses and safety assessments for plants that are subject to accident prevention regulations. ● Cost Estimate at various stages & cost control ● Basic engineering ● Detailed engineering ● Calculation & analysis (e.g. process simulation, stress analysis, structural analysis, pressure vessel design calculation, thermal design calculations) ● Procurement assistance ● Construction management and planning ● Project management, controlling / co-ordination. ● Maintenance & Shut-down engineering . ● Debottlenecking & Process optimization. ● Creation and development of factory norms, standards and building regulations ● Explosion protection concepts ( consulting, explosion protection documents,ignition risk analysis,employee training ) ● Environmental concepts . ● CAD/CAE services, engineering data management, workflow management ● As-built documentation , Asset information management.