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Environment Friendly Delayed Coker

Closed Coke Slurry System (CCSS)

An Environment-Friendly and Safe Coke Handling Process for state-of-the-art enhancement of existing and new Delayed Coking Units

● In recent years, the worldwide crude slate has shifted to heavy and extra heavy feeds, refiners are required to rely on processing heavier materials and residues. Along with the global trend to limit the use of residue fuel oils in power production, as well as by the more stringent sulfur specifications of residual fuels coming into effect until the year 2020, bottoms upgrading technologies become more importance to effectively reduce the quantity of fuel oil products by producing valuable distillate products.

● Within the range of today`s upgrading technologies more than 50% is realized by “coking processes”, among which the delayed coking process ranks first with approximately 78% of the worldwide installed coker capacity.

● Delayed coker units (DCU) destroy residues from Atmospheric or Vacuum Distillation Units. Available commercial processes slightly differ by the unit setup for fractionating, residue heating and coke formation. However, an essential part of the coking process with respect to processing safety and environmental issues lies in the coke handling system. Most DCUs still contain open pit/pads arrangements, leading to uncontrolled emissions of coke fines into the atmosphere

● TRIPLAN´s proprietary Closed Coke Slurry System (CCSS), providing a reliable, environment friendly ( or we can say environmentally sensible) and safest coke handling process for avoiding coke fines emissions and steam clouds at the workplace. This system is, already successfully running at a German refinery for past six years

● By implementing CCSS, the coke and the coke slurry flow are kept “under cover” throughout the entire process. Moreover, advanced water management is achieved by cleaning and recycling water contaminated with coke particles, yielding in a reduction of water consumption substantially. The overall cycle time from cutting to drying & transportation is reduced which provides a benefit to refiner. This will also provide economic benefits to the refiner, due to the increasing overall ontime capacity of the coker owing to significantly improved reliability.

Key Features of CCS System:

● Fluidised Handling of Coke, no pollution,
● Effective dewatering of coke as against the conventional “ dump it and allow it to dry of its own”
● Effective separation of fines from water & recycling of fines in to coke.
● Highly reliable equipment engineered and manufactured in Germany.
● No human intervention – Fully automated operation- Less Manpower.
● Safe release of coke from the coke drum- Elimination of chance of Accidents.
● Eliminate the maintenance prone material handling machinery like crane, crushing equipment.
● No maze required, No water treatment required for recycling water.
● Flexibility in Layout and Site arrangement.