TRIPLAN Global Engineering Partner

TRIPLAN Global Engineering Partner

Engineering Consultancy Services, Chemical & Industrial Plant, Refinery & Petrochemicals, Life Science, Pune, India

Service Portfolio

Follow the customer footsteps:

TRIPLAN has been supporting its clients in Germany for their investments in other parts of World, successfully demonstrating the work share model. The geographical range includes North America, Asia including China apart from Europe. TRIPLAN has invaluable experience of working with client’s head office Engineering team and local organizations. With its own subsidiary in India, will increase TRIPLAN’s ability to manage such projects in the Asian region more effectively.


We get involved in the projects at an early stage and work along with the global engineering office of the client in Europe. This phase is typically for the feasibility and basic engineering. We also involve our local office in the region during this phase. This helps in acclimatizing them well before they actually work in the detailed engineering phase.

Once the projects moves further we follow the project wherever it is in the world for the next phases i.e. detailed engineering, procurement, inspection, expediting, construction management , commissioning support & As built documentation.

Benefits to Customer:

❖ Full control over the project – Time, Process & Budget Control.

❖ Continuity of Engineering team from feasibility, basic engineering to detailed engineering.

❖ Confidentiality & Security of know how is maintained.

❖ TRIPLAN’s global experience in localizing the project by maintaining Design Intent intact

TRIPLAN’s Flexible Execution Model for different stages of project
➡ Fixed Bid ➡ Reimbursable ➡ onsite ➡ offshore